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Intellitype Pro is feature added software that allows a user to reprogram various keys on their Microsoft keyboard. However, one thing it does not let you do is to reprogram the function keys easily. However, there is a file within the Intellitype Pro that controls the 'enhanced' functions of the Function keys. With a bit of manipulation of the commands.xml file, I have made all the Function keys have all the normal functionality regardless of the F Lock state in all programs. All the other 'special' keys on the keyboard retain their functionality.

At this site, you can find a modified commands.xml file below. To use this modified file, place it in the directory that Intellitype Pro is installed to (typically, this would be C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro). If you wish to revert the changes, I've also included the original commands.xml file (just rename it from commands.original.xml to commands.xml).

F Lock Removal using commands.xml

Please note that there are some limitations to this method:

  • You MUST have Intellitype Pro 5.2 or higher installed.
    Click the following for the 32 bit version or 64 bit version;
  • This method will work on both PS2 and USB keyboards;
  • The mappings only take effect after Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003 has loaded;
  • You must be able to install the Intellitype Pro version onto a supported OS. See the system requirements for Intellitype Pro for a list of supported Operating Systems
  • Your keyboard must be supported by Intellitype Pro. If it is not, then your success may be limited
  • This will not work on applications that use DirectInput, as applications that use this interface expect scan codes/hid codes directly from the hardware. As a result, it bypasses Intellitype Pro or the Scan Code Mapper completely.

No guarantee is made of the overall effect of the xml files contained in these zip files. You have only my assurance that these have worked for me and for many others, and that I do not personally know of any problems. Running them is your own responsibility.

Please provide any feedback in the microsoft.public.mshardware.product newsgroup on the NNTP (news) server or at my blog..

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Thanks and enjoy,

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